Things to Consider

  • Is the Ground Level?
    • We need to know if there is any slope in the install site is so that we can provide extra post length if needed.  
  • Foundation: Dirt vs. Asphalt vs. Concrete
    • What is the ground material like? We need to know about the site so we can send the installer prepared to dig. We cannot bolt to asphalt, we will dig up
      the asphalt and set the post in the dirt underneath. 
  • Eave Height vs. Desired Clearance
    • We have a maximum of 14’ eave height. Total clearance will be the eave height minus purlin width. Our covers are standard 3:12 pitch. The center of
      the covers will be higher depending on the width of the structure. 
  • Connections
    • We do not connect to existing structures. We can build as close as possible to the existing structure and provide the customer with flashing to bridge the two
      for an additional fee. Please let us know if we need to try to match anything existing. We can change roof pitch for additional charge, but please keep in
      mind that matching an existing building perfectly is all but impossible when building trusses off site like we are.  
  • Installer Needs
    • Is there electricity and water available? Is it accessible to within 50 feet with a truck and 16’- 20’ trailer? Is there any underground electrical or plumbing
      in the area? If so, please have it marked for our installers.  
  • Obstructions
    • Are there any overhead obstructions? (Trees, powerlines, etc.) 
  • Concrete Slabs
    • If there is a slab, is it new? Is it square? Does it have a tin ledge? If the customer plans to pour a slab, we can give detailed slab plans that are building
      specific once the order is placed to give to their concrete contractor.
  • Online Configurator
    • Please feel free to visit our online configurator which can be found on our website. It helps you design and visualize what you are wanting. It does not cover 100% of what we can build but it is getting better every day.